Our Approach

Beginning with HIPAA in 1996, it became apparent there was going to be a need for IT professionals to aid in protecting patient data. At Unicorn Computing, it is my desire to keep data safe as well as providing rapid, reliable access to that data.

Our Story

After spending many years with the State of Texas as both an application developer and system programmer, I discovered a real desire for security and performance. This became extremely important in 1996 when I moved into Healthcare IT. Since then, I have been IT Director of a medium sized health plan, an independent contractor working with failing insurance companies to perform orderly shutdown  of operations, and assisting small to large health plans (medical and dental) with getting data from their systems to the web.

Meet the Team

Currently, Unicorn Computing is a one-person shop, working as a sub-contractor to other consulting firms concentrating in database administration and Healthcare IT operations.


Jay Falck


Over 20 years experience in Healthcare IT. Passion for making things go faster while being secure at the same time.